Gentle Giants


Giant Tortoises

They are, in my view, the rock stars of the Galápagos Islands. Here is some Wiki information about them. Some other interesting facts:

  • They can live upwards of 180 years;
  • A typical diameter is about a meter (3+ feet);
  • They can weigh about 500 pounds.

Another fact peculiar to the tortoises of the Galápagos Islands are that they are particularly at risk from the islands’ rat population. Common rats are thought to have been introduced to the islands by ships, and the rats can kill and eat small tortoises; they are at risk until two years of age. Some of the photos here are of baby tortoises raised in a protected environment in the Charles Darwin Center.

What did I like best about the tortoises? Their expressions. Their eyes bring to mind two of my favorite movie stars — E.T. and Yoda. And the way they walk is pretty fabulous too.

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