Like many of my generation, I started taking pictures with an ‘instamatic’ point-and-shoot camera. Photography was first and foremost a way to share my adventures with my parents, family and friends. When I returned home from an adventure, I would drop the film off to be processed, and hope I managed to capture an image that conveyed the personality of the places I visited and the people I met.

I eventually saw photography as an important tool for my work as a lawyer specializing in international law. Photographs were a way for me to document the human rights issues I confronted, be it civilian casualties in Iraq after the 1991 war, or my trips to Mexico, Thailand and Cambodia to learn about issues in labor in the garment industry. During trips to Cuba, South Africa and Uganda, I learned about life and progress in a developing nations, and captured on film the everyday lives of the people I encountered.

My transition to digital only enhanced my love of photography. Over time I began to indulge my passion for traveling to exotic settings, where I could also develop my photographic skills. I’ve visited Yellowstone in the winter and been awed by the crystal vistas, and returned in spring to seek views of baby bears and other critters — and found them! I have toured every continent, and captured memories and images from Antarctica to the Arctic, from cities in Europe to wildlife in Africa to glorious vistas in South America and ancient structures in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 

My journey from hobbyist to professional – albeit, part-time – includes making the effort to learn from the tutelage of great photographers and mentors like Moose Peterson and Brent Paull, and the wonderful and patient faculty at the Rocky Mountain Photography School, and my wonderful years working with the Iowa City’s East Side Artists group. By mostly I learn by doing, doing, doing. And learning from what went wrong, as well as those glorious moments when everything goes right!

This site is all about photography: please visit often for updates about recent photographic adventures and for opportunities to buy my work in different formats.

I shoot with Nikon digital equipment, and print pn paper and canvas using Epson printers. 

The images you see here are available for purchase in a wide array of formats, including small and large prints, photo cards, note cards, and canvases. Please contact me for more information.