By this time in a typical summer, I would have taken two trips with a photography emphasis, and might even be plotting how to sneak in a final photography-focused weekend away before the school year starts. But this is the year of COVID-19, so I have been taking a lot of photos from my apartment’s balcony.

I have also been taking online classes and webinars to brush up on my technical and editing skills. I just finished a second evening class with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, this one called “finding your visual voice.” Our assignment was to look at favorite photos to identify elements of your visual voice, and then take photos with the intent of invoking that voice.

Here is how I describe my visual voice: vivid, storyteller, focused, balanced. I included two photos from the Grant Park skateboard area taken this past weekend, and a balcony photo taken just before the class started.

My classmates’ descriptors for my photos: motion, energy, movement, fun, alive, lines, dramatic, rhythm, angular, vivacious. Really interested to know what you see!