Iguana Love


I have a guilty secret — I ♥ iguanas!

I didn’t know this until I traveled to the Galápagos Islands. Well, actually, I fell in love two days before, in the city of Guayaquil, where one can encounter iguanas sauntering around a city park, as well as hanging out in the trees above, sharing the limbs with pigeons.

When I asked about why the iguanas line up nose to tail on the branches like a living conveyor belt, I was told “they all want to get to the end of the branches.” Okay. Then what — where do they go from there?

Why do I love iguanas? For one, I find the texture of their skin fascinating. And their spiny backs are freaky cool, as are their claws. But to tell the truth, they are sublimely oblivious, walking on top of each other because, well, that is how you get from here to there . . . right?

What’s not to love? (Here is the wiki iguana page)

Just a note: the city iguanas are still sporting a ‘winter look,’ while the Galápagos iguanas are yellow for mating.

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