My current favorite option is to print photos on canvas. There is something warm and rich about a good print on canvas.


Of course, not every shot is a good one for canvas, and not every canvas can be produced at every size.

The canvas pages show a few different options. “Medium or large” features canvases that I have printed to a substantial size, of at least 14×14, and some up to 30 inches or more. These I have done professionally, and they can be shipped directly to you. The prices for medium canvases begin at $175, and the prices for large canvases begin at $225. Please contact me at

Bounding dwarf impala.

Bounding dwarf impala.

Small canvases I produce myself. Small canvases are mounted on deep, gallery wrap stretcher bars, just like medium or large canvases; the difference is I print them myself on my professional grade Espon¬†printer. My printer can accommodate small squares (6×6 or 8×8) and landscape prints of up to 12 x 16. All canvases are treated with a UV protective sealer.