Diary entry, 31 March 2016:

I sometimes refer to myself as “a part-time struggling artist.”

Of course, I do not struggle in that I have a career that I love, and I have a steady income. But as a part-time, hobbyist photographer, I struggle to develop my skill, I struggle to improve, and I struggle for recognition.

So now I should be happy to have a real life exhibit, right? To be featured in the Meek-Eaton Black Archives of The Florida A&M University. But of course I am still anxious; no longer concerned that I won’t have a chance, I now wonder, “will my photos resonate?” “Will people see what I see?” But to reach a new height, one must risk falling.

And so the adventure begins.

Nature’s Personality, FAMU Black Archives, 1 April – 1 September. Visit the Landscapes, Wildlife, Personalities and Classified pages to see images from the exhibit..