Small World

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Macrophotography is a technique with which I like to experiment. Macrophotography is when you generate a close-up image so that the size of the subject on the negative is life size or greater. Or put another way, you can generate a quality printed image that is greater than life size. The Wikipedia description is helpful, especially since it includes a lovely bug photo — exactly the kind of image that typifies macro photography.

Another great use is flowers. Last autumn I set up a macro studio to work on my technique. I used a lighbox and a targeted LED light and tried both direct light and side light to illuminate flowers, leaves and other objects, sometimes creating interesting shadow effects. Here are some of my flowers. My two favorites are on either extreme — the simple branches of a bush from my yard, and the stylized sidelit flower on music.

And just to prove mistakes can be fun too – I include a photoshop rendering that went awry. When I tried to remove a green screen from behind the flower, an interesting psychedelic rendering resulted from an errant mouse click!

Many of these images work well as small (6×6) canvases.