My new photography site


Welcome to my new site! I am deep in preparations for the Eastside Artists’ Sale, coming up the first weekend of December. The tagline for the ESA is “Local Art from Hand &Heart.” But for me it is a bit of a mix: the art is photography from my world travels, while the design is truly local, born in my home office and at my dining room table. But it is all heart — photos I tuly love, which spark memories crisp and clean in my mind.Image 

For example, this photo, which I call “foamy waters,” is one of my favorites from 2011. Shot new Lake Placid, New York, during a photography workshop, it reminds me of a great — and challenging — creative experience of learning and doing. And when I look at the softness of the water, I am tempted to slide in and go with the flow. . . until I remember the rocks, that is!