Homecoming at FAMU

| 24 images

Although it is February, its still pretty warm here in Tallahassee, but hopefully the energy in these shots from October will warm you up — even if you are in a colder spot today!

The day was glorious — sunny, with a bit of a breeze. The warmth was supplied by all of the FAMU alumni and community members who participated in the parade, and stayed for our winning football effort against Delaware State University.

For the parade, my goal was to shoot images that captured the energy of the day. When shooting the crowd I was drawn to the kids. Whether they were looking at the Shriner’s clowns, our mascot Venom, the dancers or bands, their expressions were the best thing ever.

For this effort, to be nimble, I shot with my Sony Alpha 6000, a neat little mirrorless set up, using a 200 zoom lens.