Introducing The Galápagos Islands

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I turn fifty this year. (Gasp!) I thought fifty would be a great year to travel to the magical Galápagos Islands. When I found out my godchildren Margaret and Sam, their older sister Katy, and grandmother Susan, would be traveling there this May, I invited myself along.

You know the story: magical volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, temperate climate, home to unusual species and migrating species alike, and the place that inspired Charles Darwin.

In between looking at blue-footed boobies (and red-footed boobies), and seals and sea lions, turtles and tortoises, I loved looking at the land, and appreciating the story told by volcanic layering, and the variety of colors or rock. Before I share photos of boobies and critters from land and sea, here are some of my favorite landscape shots.