Holiday Cat Wrangling!

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I have three cats. Louie, Mini, and Kimchi. And they have been mad at me.

You see, at the Eastside Artists’ Holiday Craft Show I have for the past two years been a guest artist, selling photo cards, note cards, canvases and other items. Including holiday cards featuring my good friends’ dog playing in the snow.

According to Kimchi, this overt expression of canine appreciation was an insult not to be endured. So this year, with the help of my friend Yolanda, I did my first ever cat holiday photo shoot. As you can see from the photos, we suffered from all the challenges of a human photo shoot:

  • wardrobe malfunctions
  • prop problems
  • overdrugged models (I was a bit heavy with the catnip)
  • models ‘just not into it’

Needless to say, a lot of the images are going into the recycle bin.

Good news: at the end of the day, Kimchi, Louie and Yolanda all survived the experience, and I got some fun images. (Thanks Yoli!)

At least now my cats are mad at me for a good reason.